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 I.                     Journal Papers:
  1. Josheski.D., Apostolov.M. 2023. EThe Prospect Theory and First Price Auctions: an Explanation of Overbidding, Econometrics , 27(1): 33 - 74 [ISSN: 2449-9994] @ DE GRUYTER (Sciendo):
DOI: -  CiteScore 0.1EBSCO       

  1. Apostolov. M., Scagnelli. S. and Vasile. L. 2022. Global Supply Chains: European Union, Euro Area and New Member States, Global Business Review, 23(4): 871–889 [ISSN: 0972-1509] @ SAGE Publishing:
DOI: Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 3.1

  1. Apostolov. M., N.Coco. 2021. Digitalization based innovation - A Case Study Framework, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 18(5): 2050025 [ISSN: 1793-6950] @ WorldScientific:
DOI: Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 2.2

  1. Josheski.D., Apostolov.M. 2021. Equilibrium Short-Rate Models Vs No-Arbitrage Models: Literature Review and Computational Examples, Econometrics , 25(3): 42-71 [ISSN: 2449-9994] @ DE GRUYTER (Sciendo):
DOI: -  CiteScore 0.1EBSCO 

  1. Josheski.D., Apostolov.M. 2020. A review of the binomial and trinomial models for option pricing and their convergence to the Black-Scholes model determined option prices, Econometrics , 24(2): 53-85 [ISSN: 2449-9994] @ DE GRUYTER (Sciendo):
DOI: -  CiteScore 0.1EBSCO 

  1. Apostolov.M., Scagnelli. S. 2019. Foreign direct investments and domestic firms. Cui bono?, Business Systems Research, 10(2): 18-36 [ISSN: 1847-9375] @ DE GRUYTER (Sciendo):
DOI: Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 2.1 
  1. Josheski.D., Karamazova.E., Apostolov.M. 2019. Shapley-Folkman-Lyapunov theorem and Asymmetric First price auctions, Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences, 4(2): 331-350 [ISSN: 2444-8656] @ DE GRUYTER (Sciendo):
DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 2.6Mathematical Reviews (MathSciNet) Zentralblatt Math (zbMATH)  
  1. Scagnelli. S., Vasile. L., and Apostolov. M. 2019. Survival Drivers of Post-Incubated Start-Ups: The Effect of Academic Governance, International Journal of Innovation Management, 23(7): 1950062 - 20 [ISSN: 1363-9196] @ WorldScientific:
DOI: Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 2.9 

  1. Apostolov.M., Josheski.D. 2018. Macedonia’s exports toward Southeast Europe through the gravity model, Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences, 34(2): 108-122 [ISSN: 1026-4116] @ EMERALD:
DOI: Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)EBSCO  
  1. Apostolov.M. 2017. The impact of FDI on the performance and entrepreneurship of domestic firms, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, 15(4): 390-415 [ISSN: 1570-7385] @ SPRINGER:
DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 5.3

  1. Apostolov.M. 2017. FDI Uppers and Downers: A Macedonian Case Study, New Global Studies, 11(1): 45-82 [ISSN: 1940-0004] @ DE GRUYTER:
DOI: Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 0.4 

  1. Apostolov.M. 2016. The Role of Foreign Direct Investments in Southeastern Europe, Revue d'études comparatives Est-Ouest, 47(3): 45-82 [ISSN: 0338-0599] @ NecPlus:
DOI: journal of the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (SSCI) IF:0.6Scopus -  CiteScore 0.3 

  1. Apostolov.M. 2016. Foreign Direct Investments induced Innovation? A Case Study, Comparative Economic Research, 19(1): 5-25 [ISSN: 2082-6737] @ DE GRUYTER  
DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 1.3

  1. Apostolov.M. 2016. Cobb–Douglas production function on FDI in Southeast Europe, Journal of Economic Structures, 5(1): 1-28[ISSN: 2193-2409] @ SPRINGER
DOI: -  CiteScore 4.0EBSCO Official journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

  1. Apostolov.M., Josevski.D. 2016. Aggregate demand–inflation adjustment model applied to Southeast European economies. Journal of Central Banking Theory and Practice, 5(1): 141-157  @ DE GRUYTER [ISSN: 2336-9205]:  
DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 2.6 

  1. Apostolov.M. 2016. Ownership and control structures. A case study.  Management Research and Practice, 8(2): 23–37  @ IDEAS - RePEc [ISSN: 2248-1354]: 
DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)EBSCO 

  1. Apostolov.M. 2016. Effects of Foreign direct investments. Evidence from Southeast Europe. Cuadernos de Economía - Spanish Journal of Economics and Finance, 39(110): 99-111 @ ELSEVIER [ISSN: 0210-0266]: 
DOI: Journal of the Spanish Economic Association Web of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 2.0

  1. Apostolov.M. 2014. Governance and enterprise restructuring: the case of Macedonia. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 9(1): 147 - 156  @ EMERALD [ISSN: 1746-8809]: 
DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (SSCI) IF: 2.067Scopus -  CiteScore 4.0

  1. Apostolov, M. 2013. Governance and Enterprise Restructuring in Southeast Europe – gross domestic product 
and foreign direct investments. Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, 13(4): 431 - 438 @ EMERALD [ISSN: 1472-0701]: DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 5.8

  1. Apostolov, M. 2013. Governance and Enterprise Restructuring in Southeast Europe. International Journal of Social Economics, 40(8): 680 - 691 @ EMERALD [ISSN: 0306-8293]: 
DOI: of Science (Clarivate Analytics) (ESCI)Scopus -  CiteScore 2.3
Basic version presented as:  Apostolov, M. 2010. Governance and Enterprise Restructuring in Southeast Europe. London School of Economics and Political Science Symposium, 2010. (LSE, UCL and Goldsmiths).Published at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), London, UK : Link to LSE []                          

  1. Apostolov, M. 2011. Corporate Governance in Macedonia - Micro and Macro Analysis. Risk Governance and Control - Financial Markets and Institutions, 1(1): 124-134. [ISSN 2077-4303] :  
Scopus - Journal Metrics : CiteScore 0.1EBSCO

  1. Apostolov, M. 2010. Attributes to corporate governance and enterprise restructuring in Macedonia. CEA Journal of Economics, 5(2): 5-17. [ISSN 1857-5269]: 

II.                    Conference Papers presented at:

 Scientific conferences at the Department of Management - University of Turin | Università degli Studi di Torino, Turin, Italy 2016-2019 Scientific conferences at the Department of Management  - Ca' Foscari University of Venice | Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Venice, Italy 2018-2019 BASEES Annual Conference 2011, University of Cambridge, UK (Fellowship awarded by BASEES) : Joint PhD Symposium on South East Europe (LSE, UCL and Goldsmiths) at LSE: London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK : Number of conferences at University of California,  Berkeley – Haas School of Business 2009/2010 : 2nd International Conference on Economies of Central and Eastern Europe: Convergence, Opportunities and Challenges organised by the Society for the Study of Emerging Markets (USA) at Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration - Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia : Economic trends, social trajectories and policies of identities in post communist capitalism.”, EBRD / ETUI / EurActiv Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia :  

 III.                  Working Papers (at archives):
 1.        Apostolov, M. 2011. ” Optimum Currency Areas and Asymmetric Shocks: Comparison of Two Studies.“  MAIN Working Paper Series - MAIN Laboratory (Management & Innovazione), Pisa, Italy:  2.        Apostolov, M. 2011.” Is the EU Trade Policy an Important Contribution to Overcome Slow Economic Growth in the EU Countries? “MAIN Working Paper Series - MAIN Laboratory (Management & Innovazione), Pisa, Italy: 3.        Mico, Apostolov, 2007. (together with Marjan Nikolov and  Aleksandar Stojkov) "The New Face Of The IMF"MPRA Paper 6545, University Library of Munich, Germany: |  4.        Mico, Apostolov, 2006. "Les Quatre Libertés Dans L’Union Européenne - Droit Du Marché Intérieur,".MPRA Paper 6537, University Library of Munich, Germany: 5.        Mico, Apostolov, 2006. "Macédoine et Grèce: Est-ce-que l’Union Européenne est sans réponse dans la dispute autour du nom ?,"MPRA Paper 6536, University Library of Munich, Germany:    6.        Mico, Apostolov, 2006. "The Macedonian Question – changes in content over time,"MPRA Paper 6568, University Library of Munich, Germany:  7.        Mico, Apostolov, 2006. "M1069: Worldcom/MCI,"MPRA Paper 6535, University Library of Munich, Germany:  8.        Mico, Apostolov, 2005. "The monetary policy of the European Central Bank is too conservative. Discussion,"MPRA Paper 6543, University Library of Munich, Germany:   9.        Mico, Apostolov, 2005. "Crisis? What Crisis?: To what extent does the outcome of the French and Dutch referenda of May/June 2005 represent a crisis for the EU?,"MPRA Paper 6567, University Library of Munich, Germany:   10.     Mico, Apostolov, 2005. "Catching up with the EU - the economic case of Macedonia,"MPRA Paper 6542, University Library of Munich, Germany: